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Conventional cleaning only goes so far. More home and business owners are realizing that they're old cleaning techniques simply aren't enough. If you want a clean, safe space, you should try electrostatic cleaning services from Global Cleaning Services. We work on homes, rental spaces and businesses throughout Nebo, Morganton, Boone, or Hickory, NC.

You want to put the safety of your family, employees and customers first. Doing that means maintaining a clean space that's free of harmful pathogens. Ask us about our professional cleaning services now by calling 828-450-4604.

What is electrostatic cleaning?

What is electrostatic cleaning?

Did you know that pathogens can live on surfaces for days? They can even double every 20 minutes in the right conditions. If you're only using traditional cleaning techniques, you're likely missing some pathogens.

Electrostatic cleaning, on the other hand, provides a broad-spectrum solution. Our team will spray an electrostatically charged mist over your space, allowing you to fully disinfect every nook and cranny. You'll save time on scrubbing while eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria.

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